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Rental Late Fees

ARMOREGG will charge a one time $50.00 processing fee and a $25.00 late fee per day until equipment is shipped to us or the retail purchase price has been reached. Rental fees that have been paid will be deducted from the retail purchase price.

For example:

  • Hidden Camera Retail Purchase price is $450.00
  • Rental Fee applied: $100.00
  • Remaining balance: $350.00

ARMOREGG will continue to charge $25.00 per day until the rental is shipped. If you do not return the equipment at all, we will charge $25.00 per day until the $350.00 balance has been met, at which time you will OWN the equipment. The $50.00 processing fee is NOT applied to the balance of the retail purchase price. Renter is not charged late fees for days in transit to ARMOREGG.

The processing fee and late fee are non-refundable. For more information on our fees, please read our Rental Agreement.