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Rental Agreement

By placing an order to rent a hidden camera and/or any other equipment available to rent, you, the renter, accept terms of below rental agreement in its entirety.

Rental period is one week (7 days) and begins one day after renter has received the equipment. This date will be verified by the tracking number with USPS.

The rental fee for a one week rental period is $100.00. Unused days are not refundable.

USPS GROUND shipping costs to and from renter are included in rental fee. If a shipping upgrade is requested by the renter, those costs will be paid by the renter. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

Renter must ship all rented equipment back to ARMOREGG on the 8th day (one day after end of rental period - at no additional rental fee) using the USPS Ground Return Shipping Label provided to the renter. Equipment returned to ARMOREGG not in its entirety (excluding SD card(s)) will be subject to additional fees. Equipment must also be returned in the same condition received by renter - any damage caused to equipment by renter will be subject to additional fees.


Beginning on the 9th day, Renter will be charged a one time $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE processing fee, plus $25.00 per day until equipment is shipped to ARMOREGG or the actual retail purchase price has been reached (minus rental fee). Renter will then OWN the equipment if rental fee and late fees add up to actual purchase price of equipment. Renter will not be charged any late fees for shipping days in transit to ARMOREGG Late fees are non-refundable. Processing fee is non-refundable and not deducted from the actual purchase price.


For equipment returned to ARMOREGG not in it's entirety (such as missing manual(s), missing cable(s), missing packaging), renter will be charged $50.00 at time of completion of inspection of rented equipment. For equipment returned to ARMOREGG damaged or in such a condition that equipment can longer be rented due to renter misuse, renter will be charged 50% of actual purchase price upon completion of inspection of rented equipment.


SD Card Readers and additional SD Cards are available for purchase - but are not subject to be returned or refunded. These items are not available to rent. Once customer/renter has ordered these items, they are purchasing them. Returns are NOT accepted for these items - no refunds will be given for these items. The included SD card in the rented hidden camera becomes the renters property and does not need to be returned to ARMOREGG - renter will not be charged for the included SD Card when returning rental equipment - cost of SD Card is included in rental fee. Should renter return included SD Card with equipment, ARMOREGG will destroy SD Card upon receipt.


Extensions are available at $50.00 per additional week. The renter must contact ARMOREGG BEFORE rental period ends. Instructions on extending rental period will be included in box with rented equipment. All terms stated in this rental agreement apply on all rental extensions.

Renter will be charged the full price of the rented product(s), until return. Upon returning the rented product(s) to ARMOREGG, Renter will received a refund equal to the cost of Renters balance. Potential charges to Renters balance are the following:

  • Equipment Rental Fee
  • Additional shipping costs (if applicable)
  • Late fee's (if applicable)
  • Processing fee (if applicable)
  • Any additional fees as indicated above (if applicable)
  • Renter accepts liability on operation and use of rented equipment. It is the renter's responsibility to ascertain and obey all local, state and federal laws regarding use and operation of equipment.