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We Accept This Mission:

"Offer lead name security devices at an affordable rate to help protect on any budget, while providing unmatched customer service.

Our belief at ArmorEgg is that protection should be available to everyone and not at a great cost but at an affordable rate. Our logo strongly represents what we aim to provide, the protection of life.

A lot of our promotions are aimed toward taking care of families because we know how stressful it can be to care for loved ones and wonder if they're safe. However, we do service any and all who need personal and property protection. We've been proudly selling to law-enforcement agencies for the past 3 years as well.

There is nothing more important than the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

We expect the best out of our products - to help protect property, families, and communities. ArmorEgg was started to expand our knowledge and the availability of our reliable products from our communities to everyone. With over 5 years experience selling and using ArmorEgg products in our own homes, we have come to rely and depend on our products working to protect and bring peace of mind; so can you.

At ArmorEgg, you matter.

We want you to be satisfied with every purchase. There is nothing more important than this here at ArmorEgg. We always ensures satisfaction through quality products, excellent customer service and timely delivery. If you aren't satisfied, let us know. We want to make it right, we want you safe and we want you pleased with every purchase.

We look forward to providing you peace of mind and family protection.